Sunday, December 18, 2011

week 5 web conference

I viewed the recording and chat log of the Dec 11 web conference. Basically, the professor clarified that no discussion board postings are required for weeks 4 or 5. Also, there was a lot of discussion about what exactly needs to be turned in for week 5. At the end of the conference, there was some discussion about completing requirements before enrolling in the internship class.

This week our group finalized our PSA. I thought it was a project that did not lend itself well to group work, but our group managed to make it work anyway. We had a person who wrote the script, I found images to use in the video, another person took care of the licensing requirements, and a final person put in most of the legwork by shooting, compiling, and editing the work. We used GoogleDocs as a resource to post all of our images, text, and links. We didn't have much problem with this software and since we all have gmail, it was a convenient tool.

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